Take Your Halloween Higher


Take Your Halloween Higher

Spooky season is upon us and we know the best way to celebrate…on a high note with Kiva! Below you’ll find our guide to having a fang-tastic Halloween in the cities Massachusetts, Michigan, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. And don’t forget to trick or treat yo’self to some limited edition Blood Orange Camino Sours for a “Spirited” experience. With these gummies by your side, you’ll be creepin’ it real. Take Your Halloween Higher

Salem, MA

If you happen to find yourself in the spooky “Witch City of America”, make sure to swing by Seagrass Salem Dispensary (3 Dodge St, Salem, MA 01970) to pick up your Kiva fix before embarking on a chilling journey through the haunted Salem streets. Take Your Halloween Higher

First, immerse yourself in the eerie history of the Witch trials by visiting the Witch Dungeon Museum. Witness a live reenactment of the 1692 Witch trials, adapted from historical transcripts. Step into the recreated dungeon to discover the harrowing conditions these unfortunate (and innocent) souls endured. Take Your Halloween Higher

For a deeper dive into the enigma of the Witch trials, don’t miss The Witch House of Salem. It stands as the sole surviving structure directly linked to the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692. Explore its chilling history and mysteries.

Afterward, take a breather and pay a visit to one of the many mystical shops in town. Our top recommendation is the Black Veil Shoppe of Drear & Wonder. Entering this enchanting place is like stepping into the world of Grimm’s fairy tales, complete with gardens, gently cascading candles, intricately adorned chandeliers, and hidden passageways.

Moreover, the Black Veil Shoppe acts as a sanctuary for a myriad of talented artisans, skilled apothecaries, and jewelry crafters hailing from across the globe.

By this point, you’re bound to have the munchies, so drop by Rockafellas. But stay vigilant, as this unassuming dining spot harbors tales of its own, including encounters with two spirits – the Blue Lady and the Black Suited Minister!

To cap off your spine-tingling stroll through Salem, join one of the Witch City Walking Tours, with our top recommendation being the Mysteries & Murders of Salem. Delve into the dark secrets and chilling histories that shroud this mysterious city under the cover of night. Take Your Halloween Higher

Detroit, MI

This Halloween, embark on a journey through Detroit’s most intriguing and haunted destinations, all while enjoying the elevated experience Kiva edibles provide. It’s a spooky season like no other, where your senses will be heightened, and your adventure unforgettable. Begin your visit by stopping by JARS Cannabis East Detroit (11400 8 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48205) for your Kiva fix, then step into the mystique of The Whitney Mansion, where opulence meets the uncanny.

Built in 1894 by David Whitney Jr., it harbors a disconcerting history that chills the spine, with tales of tragic deaths, ghostly apparitions, and a lift that follows staff. Prepare to be enchanted by its spectral allure. Take Your Halloween Higher

Next, discover the rich history, soak in the ambiance, and perhaps sense the lingering spirits at the Two Way Inn, Detroit’s oldest bar. From its origins as a general store to its stints as a stagecoach stop, railroad station, hotel, and rumored brothel, this inn holds secrets of a bygone era. During Prohibition, it was a unique spot where doctors prescribed whiskey for pain relief, but beware of the haunting presence of Col. Philetus Norris, its former owner.

No stop would be complete without Atwater Brewery, housed in a 1936 church building. It offers a unique experience with tales of strange noises and odd happenings during its conversion.

Explore its eerie basement, once a nursery school and daycare, now storing fermenters, liquor, and other supplies. Reports include shadowy figures, disembodied children’s voices, flickering lights, and even a mysterious dove shadow caught on video, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your visit.

Lastly, immerse yourself in the paranormal at the Majestic Theatre, a century-old music venue believed to be haunted. Employees have witnessed appliances acting on their own and unexplained customer sightings after closing. During a concert, a spectator captured a photo appearing to show none other than Prince himself ghost, enhancing Detroit’s cultural legacy where legendary performers’ spirits are said to linger in its historic entertainment venues. Take Your Halloween Higher

Los Angeles, CA

This Halloween, LA is your gateway to a uniquely thrilling blend of treats, chills, and magic. Grab some of your favorite Kiva treats at one of the many Erba stores throughout the city and creating a spine-tingling journey like no other. Take Your Halloween Higher

Any California Halloween celebration wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the iconic West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval on October 31. Dress to impress and let your imagination soar as you take in the incredible costumes and pageantry.

It’s the perfect place to showcase your creativity and admire the artistry of Angelenos. And don’t forget to explore the Emerald Village while you’re there, known as the “Amsterdam of the Far West” with more dispensaries per square mile than any city on earth.

After you’re loaded up, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Cinespia and enjoy classic spooky films under the starry night sky. Let the silver screen’s magic take you on an extraordinary adventure, enhanced by a touch of infused (and non-infused) treats. Take Your Halloween Higher

Haunted Little Tokyo undergoes a thrilling transformation every year, bringing a spooky atmosphere to the neighborhood with Halloween-themed pop-ups, eerie tours, and captivating performances. This season, brace yourself for the Little Tokyo Ghost Club’s free 21-plus block party, featuring DJs, a costume contest, and a full bar to elevate the spooky fun.

Looking for something for tricksters of all ages? The Natural History Museum’s Nature Gardens turn into an interactive, illuminated wonderland. If you’re familiar with their longstanding “Boney Island” tradition, expect to witness skeletons performing enchanting rope tricks, levitating through hoops, and engaging in mesmerizing shadow puppetry. Take Your Halloween Higher

This year, the NHM is adding its own mystical touch with artistic performances, real fossils, live animal presentations, and ghoulishly glowing installations. As you wander the garden paths, be prepared for encounters with creepy crawlies, playful skeletons, and even ancient carnivores from the Cretaceous era.

Finally, don’t miss the classic Haunted Hayride at Griffith Park for a unique and thrilling experience. This hella fun hayride has been snaring souls for 15 years, offering a blend of road culture reminiscent of the show “Sons of Anarchy” and the eerie allure of the classic “Twin Peaks” series. Explore a town where secrets abound, shadows dance, and mysteries await your discovery. Take Your Halloween Higher

San Francisco, CA

This Halloween, explore something new out of the city to find a thrilling blend of treats, chills, and magic. First, stop by SPARC (1735 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109) for all your edibles needs, then head to the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival. This spectacular celebration shines a spotlight on local farmers and artists, showcasing their astonishing pumpkin carvings and competing for the title of the biggest pumpkin. It’s a quintessential California twist on the Halloween tradition.

Next, make sure to take in the Halloween Candle Light Concert: San Francisco’s beloved Candlelight concert series, which takes a haunted turn this month. Step into an intimate setting adorned with hundreds of flickering candles as Candlelight presents enchanting Halloween-themed concerts. Take Your Halloween Higher

Brace yourself for classical renditions of spine-tingling tunes like “Thriller,” and theme songs from “Stranger Things”,”Psycho”, “Ghostbusters”, and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, among others. Let the mystical melodies (alongside our delicious edibles) transport you to a world of spectral enchantment. Take Your Halloween Higher

For those who crave treats over tricks, especially once munchies kick in, San Francisco’s shops and bakeries have brewed up a bewitching selection you can find via Spooky Treats in SF. Explore these eerie delights before they vanish like ghosts, as these seasonal offerings won’t be around for long.

For those who’d rather hunt for ghosts than listen to music, the SF Ghost Hunt is a must- with a special VIP magic show experience available to take things to the next dimension. Last but not least, there’s the infamous Winchester Mystery House: Embark on a tour of the enigmatic locale, once the residence of an eccentric heiress.

Specifically for Halloween, the mansion unveils “Unhinged: Housewarming,” a chilling new chapter in its eerie history. Available on select nights, this immersive walkthrough promises to be California’s most spine-tingling adventure within the iconic house.

From coast to coast, you’ll be the ghoul with the most if you hit a few of these Spooktacular happenings. And don’t forget to tell them Camino Gummies sent you!

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