Camino-Inspired Music Playlists


Camino-Inspired Music Playlists

Let Camino-inspired music playlists transport you to a California state of mind.

This summer, getaways to faraway will have to wait. Instead, let music and cannabis take you on a journey. We’ve curated 7 Spotify playlists to complement each effect delivered by our Camino Gummies. From Bliss to Chill, Excite to Recover, Uplifting to Social, and to cap it all off, Sleep. Camino-Inspired Music Playlists

Wild Cherry “Excite”

A place of passion and vitality, courtesy of our Excite playlist. Find yourself transported to a rooftop dance party, with music as invigorating as Wild Cherry Camino.

Wild Berry “Chill”

Transport yourself to a serene state of mind with our Chill playlist. Just like our Wild Berry Camino, these tunes take your mind to the land of laid-back. Camino-Inspired Music Playlists

Watermelon Lemonade “Bliss”

Your journey to joy is about to begin. With our Watermelon Lemonade-inspired Bliss playlist, Paradise is now, and how.

Freshly Squeezed “Recover”

A fully-refreshed feeling is just a few songs away: let’s dive in with the Recover playlist. Travel to a poolside state of mind and restore yourself with songs as rejuvenating as Freshly Squeezed Camino. Camino-Inspired Music Playlists

Sparkling Pear “Social”

Ready for our Social playlist to take you to the intersection of euphoria and anxiety-free? Transport yourself to the same stressless state as Sparkling Pear Camino does, with songs that’ll have you feeling outgoing even when inside. Camino-Inspired Music Playlists

Midnight Blueberry “Sleep”

Let our Sleep playlist is taking you straight to siesta. Like settling in for a smooth slumber by a serene lake, these songs wash over you just like the tranquil effects of our best-selling Midnight Blueberry Camino. Camino-Inspired Music Playlists

Pineapple Habanero “Uplifting”

Up, up and away we go! To a state of soaring spirits, with our Uplifting playlist. Like a delightful daytime desert adventure, these songs stimulate your senses and elevate your energy, for a feeling as fiery as Pineapple Habanero. Camino-Inspired Music Playlists


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